Reseller API

We provide full featured HTTP API for all our resellers.


API is not intended to catch the dropping domains. The restrictions on the number of ENQs are introduced. Non-observance will result in a ban.
We have special interface for catching.

Sometimes the operation can take up to 10 minutes due to circumstances beyond our control. Therefore set 10 minutes timeout for the API response.

  • API is available via HTTPS;
  • API test and run-time versions are available and can be found at and respectively;
  • Requests are sent over Request data are transferred via GET or POST variables;
  • There are variables such as auth_login and auth_password used for authorization;
  • The results of the request are returned encoded in JSON;
  • In case of an error there will be "_error" element in a returned array. This key will contain the description of the error;
  • Acceptable request results may be:
    • scalar "true"
    • an array which does not contain "_error" element
    • any other result including the blank is an error

This is a run-time example. You may copy URL, paste it in Web browser and see the errors.

Making order and other questions

Ways of organizing cooperation

Reseller site on the basis

We offer our partners to get standard reseller website based on
It is completely free. You just have to tell us the following information:

  • your login in the control panel;
  • domain, which will be located on the control panel;
  • ssl certificate and private key;
  • email to receive all notification;
  • web-service address, which will appear in the Whois service of registered domain;
  • payment systems, which will be available for payment on your site (you can connect WebMoney, PayPal, eCoin, ePayService / EPSBanking, Paxum, OkPay).
  • contact details for publishing on the web-site (ICQ, Skype — optional);
  • languages, that will be available by default on the web-site (Russian/English).

Upon receipt of followed information, we will give you IP-address, on which will need to create A record.

To become a reseller of AHnames domains you have to contact us via email, ICQ or Skype: ICQ593341721 Skypeah.andre
It's important!

Save the request for purchasing an SSL Certificate (CSR) and private key (RSA).
After purchasing the SSL certificate, you have to provide us with self SSL certificate and private key (RSA).
To generate the request for SSL you can on this page:

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