Domain transfer

Single domain transfer

Remove WHOIS protection from the current registrar.

An email was sent to your email address specified in Whois. To start the transfer, click on the link in the email.

Bulk domain transfer

For separation of the domain and code use a space, a comma or a semicolon. Example: uGt6shlad
or, uGt6shlad
or; uGt6shlad
each pair (domain + code) should be written with a new line

What is a domain transfer?

Domain Transfer - is an operation associated with the transfer of domain services to another registrar. When you transfer a domain, it is automatically extended for one year.
The operation of transferring a domain is free of charge. You only pay for the extension of the domain for 1 year.

When completing a domain transfer, it is carried out automatically, subject to the following rules: The domain must have a status of "OK" or «ACTIVE» and should be more than 60 days from the date of registration.
Check all the components of this rule on this page: WHOIS lookup

To start the domain transfer procedure you should ask for your current registrar domain secret code (for different registrars, it may be called differently: auth-code, epp domain code, secret authorization code).

Once you get the necessary data, add them to the appropriate form on the top of the page.

If the domain is one of the reseller registrar: EvoNames, the transfer of the domain inside the panel will be by means of the operation "push".

* Some registrars impose additional conditions to carry out the transfer. If you have carried out all of the suggested activities, but the domain transfer has not been initiated, please contact our technical support team for more assistance.

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